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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Abbotts Peak Calaveras summit 375835N 1203717W 1545 New Melones Dam
Acorn Recreation Area Calaveras park 381038N 1204746W - Valley Springs
Adelia Mine Calaveras mine 380341N 1203344W - Angels Camp
Adobe Gulch Calaveras valley 381238N 1203030W - Calaveritas
Aetna Shaft Mine Calaveras mine 380505N 1203235W - Angels Camp
Airola Camp Calaveras locale 382118N 1201522W - Dorrington
Airola Creek Calaveras stream 382134N 1201605W - Dorrington
Airola Mine Calaveras mine 380355N 1203054W - Angels Camp
Alabama Hill Calaveras pop place 382118N 1203527W 3012 Rail Road Flat
Albany Flat Calaveras flat 380258N 1203139W - Angels Camp
Alcoyne Mine Calaveras mine 380652N 1203331W - Angels Camp
Altaville Calaveras pop place 380502N 1203339W 1540 Angels Camp
Altaville Grammer School (historic Landmark #499) (1848) Calaveras school 380459N 1203339W - Angels Camp
Altaville Mine Calaveras mine 380607N 1203317W - Angels Camp
Altaville Mine Calaveras mine 380450N 1203315W - Angels Camp
Altaville Post Office (Est. Sept 6, 1904) Calaveras post office 380442N 1203306W - Angels Camp
Altaville Protestant Cemetery Calaveras cemetery 380445N 1203328W - Angels Camp
Altaville State Historic Landmark (historic landmark #288) (1873) Calaveras park 380459N 1203330W - Angels Camp
Alto Mine Calaveras mine 375341N 1203620W - New Melones Dam
Amador Columbia Mine Calaveras mine 382452N 1203401W - West Point
Angels Calaveras pop place 380406N 1203219W 1440 Angels Camp
Angels Camp (historic landmark #287) (1849) Calaveras pop place 380406N 1203219W 1440 Angels Camp
Angels Camp Museum Calaveras building 380434N 1203247W - Angels Camp
Angels Camp Post Office (Est. May 27, 1853) Calaveras post office 380411N 1203224W - Angels Camp
Angels City Calaveras pop place 380406N 1203219W 1440 Angels Camp
Angels Creek Calaveras stream 375834N 1203232W - New Melones Dam
Angels Deep Mine Calaveras mine 380424N 1203307W - Angels Camp
Angels Hotel (historic landmark #734) (1851) Calaveras building n/a n/a - Angels Camp
Angels Mine Calaveras mine 380433N 1203250W - Angels Camp
Appelaminy River Calaveras stream 380001N 1202954W - Columbia
Appelamminy River Calaveras stream 380001N 1202954W - Columbia
Appelminy River Calaveras stream 380001N 1202954W - Columbia
Archie Stevenot Birthplace  (historic landmark #769) Calaveras locale n/a n/a - n/a
Arnold Calaveras pop place 381520N 1202100W 3960 Dorrington
Arnold California Division of Forestry Fire Station Calaveras locale 381406N 1202134W 3920 Stanislaus
Arnold District Ranger Office Calaveras locale 381517N 1202113W 4055 Dorrington
Arnold Post Office Est. May 14, 1934) Calaveras post office 381526N 1202053W - Dorrington
Arroyo De Las Calaveras Calaveras stream 375801N 1212200W  - Stockton West
Avery Calaveras pop place 381216N 1202208W 3387 Stanislaus
Avery Post Office (Est. Nov. 11, 1885) Calaveras post office 381216N 1202205W - Stanislaus
Bailey Ridge Calaveras ridge 382419N 1201726W - Garnet Hill
Bailey Ridge Forest Service Station Calaveras locale 382428N 1201831W - Garnet Hill
Bald Hill Calaveras summit 380508N 1203247W 1765 Angels Camp
Bald Mountain Calaveras summit 380531N 1202721W 2200 Columbia
Bald Mountain Calaveras summit 380818N 1205658W 506 Wallace
Bald Mountain Calaveras summit 382510N 1202633W 4084 Devils Nose
Bar XX Ranch Calaveras locale 380104N 1203823W - Salt Spring Valley
Barnett Calaveras locale 382615N 1201727W 4840 Garnet Hill
Barnhardt Mine Calaveras mine 380954N 1203539W - Calaveritas
Barth Mountain Calaveras summit 375909N 1203341W 1916 New Melones Dam
Bassella Creek Calaveras stream 381336N 1202802W - Murphys
Beal Ranch Calaveras locale 381415N 1204419W - San Andreas
Bean Gulch Calaveras valley 375635N 1203209W - New Melones Dam
Bear Creek Calaveras stream 380651N 1203904W - Salt Spring Valley
Bear Creek Calaveras stream 380236N 1212306W - Terminous
Bear Creek Calaveras stream 380825N 1204735W - Valley Springs
Bear Creek Calaveras stream 382340N 1203000W - Devils Nose
Bear Mountain Calaveras summit 380110N 1203458W 2893 Angels Camp
Bear Mountain Ranch Calaveras locale 380244N 1203732W - Salt Spring Valley
Bear Mountains Calaveras other 380531N 1204156W - Salt Spring Valley
Bear Trap Basin Calaveras basin 382814N 1200526W - Tamarack
Bear Trap Gap Calaveras gap 380439N 1204112W - Salt Spring Valley
Beaver Creek Calaveras stream 381226N 1201901W - Stanislaus
Bellfout Canyon Calaveras valley 382952N 1200808W - Calaveras Dome
Belmont Osborn Mine Calaveras mine 380436N 1203449W - Angels Camp
Bence Mine Calaveras mine 380925N 1203113W - Calaveritas
Benson Mine Calaveras mine 380447N 1203504W - Angels Camp
Bernascon Ranch Calaveras locale 380606N 1203747W - Salt Spring Valley
Bevanda 495 Dam Calaveras dam 380830N 1205300W - Wallace
Big Bar Calaveras pop place 381802N 1204219W 1474 Mokelumne Hill
Big Bar (historic landmark #41) (1848) Calaveras pop place 381843N 1204308W 620 Mokelumne Hill
Big Dome Calaveras summit 381700N 1204632W 1436 Jackson
Big Meadow Calaveras flat 382503N 1200636W - Tamarack
Big Meadow Calaveras pop place 382454N 1200651W 6560 Tamarack
Big Meadows (Historical) Calaveras pop place 382454N 1200651W 6560 Tamarack
Big Meadow Campground Calaveras locale 382459N 1200618W 6550 Tamarack
Big Meadow Creek Calaveras stream 382520N 1200729W - Tamarack
Big Rattlesnake Creek Calaveras stream 382129N 1201105W - Boards Crossing
Big Seven Mine Calaveras mine 380014N 1203802W - Salt Spring Valley
Big Seven Ridge Calaveras ridge 375947N 1203743W - Copperopolis
Big Spring Creek Calaveras stream 375311N 1204210W - Copperopolis
Big Spring Mine Calaveras mine 380304N 1203155W - Angels Camp
Big Springs Creek Calaveras stream 375311N 1204210W - Copperopolis
Big Trees Calaveras pop place 381639N 1201834W 4682 Dorrington
Big Trees Creek Calaveras stream 381606N 1202026W - Dorrington
Big Trees Village Calaveras pop place 381835N 1201538W 5160 Dorrington
Big Valley Calaveras pop place 380755N 1202537W 2160 Murphys
Bigtrees Calaveras pop place 381639N 1201834W 4682 Dorrington
Bigtrees Post Office (historical) (Est. 1865) Calaveras post office n/a n/a - Blue Mountain
Bingham 82 Dam Calaveras dam 381932N 1202936W - Fort Mountain
Bingham Lake Calaveras reservoir 381932N 1202936W 2760 Fort Mountain
Birthplace of Archie Stevenot (historic landmark #769) Calaveras locale n/a n/a - n/a
Black Creek Calaveras stream 375349N 1203503W - New Melones Dam
Black Creek Calaveras stream 375948N 1203337W - New Melones Dam
Black Gulch Calaveras valley 381726N 1204540W - Jackson
Black Hill Calaveras summit 375827N 1204938W 462 Bachelor Valley
Black Hill School (historical) Calaveras school 375917N 1204825W - Bachelor Valley
Black Oak Mine Calaveras mine 380540N 1203516W - Angels Camp
Black Sheep Vinters Calaveras building 380818N 1202803W - Murphys
Black Spring Calaveras spring 382231N 1201130W - Calaveras Dome

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Black Spring Creek Calaveras stream 381239N 1203534W - Calaveritas
Black Wonder Mine Calaveras mine 382137N 1202454W - Fort Mountain
Bloods Creek Calaveras stream 382503N 1200331W - Tamarack
Blue Creek Calaveras stream 382746N 1202223W - Garnet Hill
Blue Eagle Mine Calaveras mine 381108N 1203328W - Calaveritas
Blue Hole Calaveras lake 382952N 1200807W - Calaveras Dome
Blue Jay Mine Calaveras mine 381656N 1203952W - Mokelumne Hill
Blue Jay Point Calaveras summit 381639N 1203937W 1840 Mokelumne Hill
Blue Lake Junction Calaveras pop place 381531N 1201950W 4080 Dorrington
Blue Lake Springs Calaveras pop place 381535N 1201923W 4100 Dorrington
Blue Mountain Calaveras summit 382033N 1202151W 6067 Dorrington
Blue Mountain Permanent Lookout Station Calaveras locale 382032N 1202152W 6071 Dorrington
Boards Crossing Calaveras pop place 381816N 1201359W 3880 Boards Crossing
Bolitha Mine Calaveras mine 380315N 1203153W - Angels Camp
Bone Hard Mine Calaveras mine 380936N 1203229W - Calaveritas
Bosco Mine Calaveras mine 380940N 1203244W - Calaveritas
Bostick Bar (inundated by New Melones Lake) Calaveras bar 375832N 1203141W - New Melones Dam
Bostick Mountain Calaveras summit 375750N 1203202W 1814 New Melones Dam
Boston Flat Calaveras flat 382352N 1202639W - Devils Nose
Boston Flat Gulch Calaveras valley 382334N 1202732W  - Devils Nose
Boucher Mountain Calaveras summit 375724N 1204253W  1549 Copperopolis
Bowie Flat Calaveras flat 375621N 1203402W  - New Melones Dam
Bowman Gulch Calaveras valley 375718N 1203304W  - New Melones Dam
Box Canyon  Calaveras valley 381614N 1204944W - Jackson
Brandy Flat Calaveras flat 381007N 1203736W  - San Andreas
Brower Creek Calaveras stream 380221N 1203337W  - Angels Camp
Brown Mine Calaveras mine 380057N 1203018W  - Angels Camp
Brownsville State Historic Landmark (historic Landmark #465) (1850) Calaveras park 380745N 1202617W  - Murphys
Brownsville (historic Landmark #465) (1850) Calaveras pop place 380745N 1202617W  - Murphys
Bruce Crossing Calaveras crossing 382840N 1201611W  - Garnet Hill
Bruce Crossing Calaveras crossing 382742N 1202236W  - Devils Nose
Bruner Mine Calaveras mine 380244N 1203136W  - Angels Camp
Brunner Hill Calaveras summit 380557N 1203439W  1851 Angels Camp
Buck Field Calaveras flat 380733N 1203610W  - Calaveritas
Buck Mountain Calaveras summit 382230N 1202218W  5120 Dorrington
Buck Ranch Calaveras locale 382132N 1201752W  - Dorrington
Buck Ranch Motor Wax Jeep Trail Calaveras trail 382156N 1201648W  - Dorrington
Buckham Gulch Calaveras valley 375652N 1204631W  - Bachelor Valley
Buena Vista Mountain Calaveras summit 380954N 1204500W  2020 Valley Springs
Bullion Mine Calaveras mine 380249N 1203142W  - Angels Camp
Bully Boy Mine Calaveras mine 380719N 1203414W  - Angels Camp
Bummerville Calaveras pop place 382405N 1203017W 2949 West Point
Bund Mine Calaveras mine 380736N 1203619W  - Calaveritas
Burns Ranch Calaveras locale 380430N 1203748W  - Salt Spring Valley
Burson Calaveras pop place 381102N 1205322W 408 Wallace
Burson Post Office (Est. Dec. 2, 1884) Calaveras post office 381100N 1205321W  - Wallace
Butte Canyon Calaveras valley 381845N 1204311W - Mokelumne Hill
Byrnes Ferry (historical) Calaveras crossing 375342N 1203412W - New Melones Dam
Cabbage Patch Calaveras pop place 382453N 1200752W - Calaveras Dome
Cabbage Patch Calaveras flat 382453N 1200752W  - Calaveras Dome
Calaveras Big Trees State Park Calaveras park 381619N 1201712W  - Dorrington
Calaveras Cement 502 Dam Calaveras dam 380930N 1204030W  - San Andreas
Calaveras Central Mine Calaveras mine 380511N 1203245W  - Angels Camp
Calaveras County Airport Calaveras airport 380846N 1203853W 1325 San Andreas
Calaveras County-Frogtown Fairgrounds Calaveras locale 380247N 1203103W 1530 Angels Camp
Calaveras County Historical Museum Calaveras building 381149N 1204046W  - San Andreas
Calaveras District Ranger Office Calaveras locale 381118N 1202159W 3380 Stanislaus
Calaveras Dome Calaveras cliff 382916N 1201334W  - Calaveras Dome
Calaveras Mine Calaveras mine 380049N 1203003W  - Angels Camp
Calaveras Ranger Station Calaveras locale 381149N 1202156W 3344 Stanislaus
Calaveras Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 381924N 1202936W - Fort Mountain
Calaveras Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 381932N 1202936W 2760 Fort Mountain
Calaveras River Calaveras stream 375801N 1212200W  - Stockton West
Calaveras River Calaveras stream 381147N 1204318W - San Andreas
Calaveritas Calaveras pop place 380929N 1203632W 1120 Calaveritas
Calaveritas Creek Calaveras stream 380951N 1204016W  - San Andreas
Calaveritas Hill Consolidated Mine Calaveras mine 380906N 1203640W  - Calaveritas
Calaveritas River Calaveras stream 380951N 1204016W  - San Andreas
Calaveritos (historic landmark #255) (1849) Calaveras pop place 380929N 1203632W 1120 Calaveritas
California Caverns at Cave City (historic landmark #956) (1850) Calaveras locale n/a n/a - n/a
California District Forest Fire Station Calaveras locale 380815N 1202752W  2172 Murphys
California Ophir Mine Calaveras mine 380140N 1203028W  - Angels Camp
Calmo Mine Calaveras mine 380506N 1203200W  - Angels Camp
Calmo Number Two Mine Calaveras mine 380459N 1203139W  - Angels Camp
Camanche (historical) 
once called Limerick
Inundated by  Camanche Reservoir (historic landmark #254) (1849)
Calaveras pop place 381248N 1205603W 190 Wallace
Camanche Creek Calaveras stream 381309N 1205751W  - Wallace
Camanche Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 381502N 1205812W 236 Ione
Camp Connel Calaveras pop place 381834N 1201638W 4840 Dorrington
Camp Connell Calaveras pop place 381834N 1201638W 4840 Dorrington
Camp Connell Post Office (Est. Jan 10, 1934) Calaveras post office 381837N 1201634W  - Dorrington
Camp Creek Calaveras stream 382758N 1202117W - Calaveras
Camp Forty-Niner Calaveras locale 381303N 1202217W  - Stanislaus
Camp Pardee Calaveras pop place 381453N 1205036W  680 Valley Springs
Camp Tamarack Calaveras pop place 382620N 1200430W 6960 Tamarack
Camp Wolveboro Calaveras locale 382445N 1200437W  - Tamarack
Campbell Creek Calaveras stream 375827N 1203618W  - New Melones Dam
Campo Seco (historic landmark #257) (1849) Calaveras pop place 381338N 1205108W 560 Valley Springs
Campo Seco Post Office (Est. Feb. 3, 1854) Calaveras post office 381341N 1205108W  - Valley Springs
Candy Rock Calaveras locale 381122N 1202101W  3232 Stanislaus
Canepa Mine Calaveras mine 380126N 1203109W  - Angels Camp
Canepa Mine Calaveras mine 380506N 1203040W  - Angels Camp
Canyon View Calaveras pop place 381133N 1202120W  3160 Stanislaus
Carmen City Calaveras pop place 380251N 1204123W  1244 Salt Spring Valley
Carmen Peak Calaveras summit 380317N 1203940W  2603 Salt Spring Valley
Carson Creek Calaveras stream 380028N 1203102W  - Angels Camp
Carson Flat Calaveras flat 380223N 1203055W  - Angels Camp
Carson Hill (historic landmark #274) (1848) Calaveras pop place 380142N 1203020W 1441 Angels Camp
Carson Hill Calaveras summit 380118N 1203008W  1983 Angels Camp
Carson Hill Mine Calaveras mine 380047N 1202947W  - Columbia
Cassinelli Mine Calaveras mine 381340N 1204333W  - San Andreas
Castle Rock Calaveras pillar 381151N 1204902W  - Valley Springs

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Cat Camp Calaveras locale 381223N 1205643W  - Wallace
Cataract Gulch Calaveras valley 380626N 1202408W  - Columbia
Catholic Cemetery Calaveras cemetery 381136N 1204045W  - San Andreas
Catholic Cemetery Calaveras cemetery 380438N 1203333W  - Angels Camp
Cave City Calaveras pop place 381209N 1203027W  1614 Calaveritas
Cedar Creek Calaveras stream 381418N 1204123W  - San Andreas
Cedar Vista Calaveras pop place 381010N 1202425W  3280 Murphys
Central Hill Calaveras summit 381347N 1204407W  1514 San Andreas
Central Hill Mine Calaveras mine 381257N 1204410W  - San Andreas
Champion Mine Calaveras mine 380421N 1203447W  - Angels Camp
Channel Arm Calaveras bay 381654N 1204907W  - Jackson
Chaparral Mine Calaveras mine 380953N 1203224W  - Calaveritas
Chapparal Hill Mine Calaveras mine 380159N 1203101W  - Angels Camp
Cherokee 509 Dam Calaveras dam 380448N 1203630W  - Angels Camp
Cherokee Creek Calaveras stream 380712N 1203900W  - Salt Spring Valley
Cherokee Flat Calaveras flat 380502N 1203400W  - Angels Camp
Cherokee Flat Calaveras pop place 380502N 1203339W 1540 Angels Camp
Cherokee Mine Calaveras mine 380504N 1203425W  - Angels Camp
Chile Gulch (historic landmark #265) (1848) Calaveras valley 381258N 1204223W  - San Andreas
Chili Camp Gulch Calaveras valley 381220N 1205211W  - Valley Springs
Chili Gulch (historic landmark #265) (1848) Calaveras valley 381258N 1204223W  - San Andreas
Chili Hill Calaveras summit 381403N 1204351W  1400 San Andreas
Christensen Number 1 504 Dam Calaveras dam 380736N 1204200W  - San Andreas
Christian Gulch Calaveras valley 375906N 1203659W  - New Melones Dam
Churchs Spring Calaveras spring 375352N 1204239W  - Copperopolis
Circle XX Ranch Calaveras locale 380430N 1203748W  - Salt Spring Valley
Clark Flat Calaveras flat 380834N 1202221W  - Stanislaus
Clark Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 382005N 1203047W  - Rail Road Flat
Claude Prospect Calaveras mine 380224N 1203205W  - Angels Camp
Clear Lake Calaveras pop place 380406N 1203219W 1440 Angels Camp
Clifton Ranch Mine Calaveras mine 380510N 1203346W  - Angels Camp
Clover Creek Calaveras stream 375813N 1204103W  - Copperopolis
Cold Spring Calaveras spring 381805N 1201641W  - Dorrington
Collier Mine Calaveras mine 375518N 1204252W  - Copperopolis
Columbia Mine Calaveras mine 380221N 1203115W  - Angels Camp
Comanche (historical) Calaveras pop place 381248N 1205603W 190 Wallace
Congregational Church (historic landmark #261) (August 28, 1856) Calaveras church 381801N 1204220W - Mokelumne Hill
Cooks Ranch Calaveras locale 382633N 1202543W 3900 Devils Nose
Coopers Creek Calaveras stream 380639N 1203714W - Angels Camp
Copello Park Calaveras park 380513N 1203411W - Angels Camp
Copper Cove Subdivision Calaveras pop place 375537N 1203749W 1060 Copperopolis
Copper Cove Village Calaveras pop place 375735N 1203804W 880 Copperopolis
Copper Creek Calaveras stream 375730N 1203657W - New Melones Dam
Copper Gulch Calaveras valley 375713N 1204247W - Copperopolis
Copperopolis (historic landmark #296) (1860) Calaveras pop place 375852N 1203827W 990 Copperopolis
Copperopolis 1024 Dam Calaveras dam 375900N 1203854W - Copperopolis
Copperopolis Cemetery Calaveras cemetery 375837N 1203831W - Copperopolis
Copperopolis Mountain Calaveras summit 375926N 1203811W 1775 Copperopolis
Copperopolis Post Office (Est. Dec. 19, 1961) Calaveras post office 375848N 1203821W - Copperopolis
Copperopolis Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 375859N 1203854W - Copperopolis
Corral Gulch Calaveras valley 381333N 1203237W - Calaveritas
Corral Meadow Calaveras flat 382912N 1200455W - Tamarack
Cosgrove Creek Calaveras stream 380902N 1204952W - Valley Springs
Cottage Spring Calaveras spring 382046N 1201246W - Boards Crossing
Cottage Spring Campground Calaveras locale 382043N 1201245W 5640 Boards Crossing
Cottage Springs Calaveras pop place 382122N 1201239W 5820 Boards Crossing
Cottage Springs Picnic Area Calaveras locale 382043N 1201242W 5600 Boards Crossing
Cotton Flat Mine Calaveras mine 381331N 1203203W - Calaveritas
Cottonwood Gulch Calaveras valley 382619N 1201012W - Calaveras Dome
Courthouse of Calaveras County (1852-1866) and Ledger Hotel
(once called Grand Hotel) (historic landmark #663) (1852)
Calaveras building 381146N 1204249W - San Andreas
Cowell Creek Calaveras stream 381320N 1202435W - Murphys
Coyote Creek Calaveras stream 380044N 1202930W - Columbia
Creightons Meadow Calaveras flat 382219N 1202320W - Fort Mountain
Crescent Cove Campground Calaveras locale 381100N 1202223W 3320 Stanislaus
Crescent Cove Picnic Area Calaveras locale 381058N 1202222W 3320 Stanislaus
Crooked Spring Gulch Calaveras valley 381246N 1203657W - Calaveritas
Crosette Prospect Calaveras mine 380455N 1203654W - Angels Camp
Cross Shaft Mine Calaveras mine 380414N 1203219W - Angels Camp
Crystal Mine Calaveras mine 380423N 1203241W - Angels Camp
Cuneo Camp Calaveras locale 382616N 1201128W - Calaveras Dome
Curiosity Mine Calaveras mine 380341N 1203411W - Angels Camp
Curtis Mine Calaveras mine 380507N 1203424W - Angels Camp
Cypress Point Calaveras cape 381555N 1205008W - Jackson
Darby Knob Calaveras summit 381017N 1202303W 3692 Murphys
Darby Knob Firebreak Calaveras trail 380909N 1202257W - Murphys
Dardanelles Overlook Calaveras locale 381622N 1201755W - Dorrington
Davis Prospect Calaveras mine 380023N 1203700W - Angels Camp
Dead Horse Flat Calaveras flat 380632N 1202802W - Columbia
Dead Horse Mine Calaveras mine 380428N 1203234W - Angels Camp
Deadman Flat Calaveras flat 382946N 1201305W - Calaveras Dome
Deep Gulch Calaveras valley 380450N 1202505W - Columbia
Deer Peak Calaveras summit 381015N 1204347W 1921 San Andreas
Deer Ridge Calaveras ridge 381445N 1203907W - San Andreas
Del Orto Camp Calaveras locale 382600N 1200654W - Tamarack
Demarest Mine Calaveras mine 380431N 1203318W - Angels Camp
Devils Nose Calaveras summit 382747N 1202509W 4802 Devils Nose
Dirty Gulch Calaveras valley 381150N 1203052W - Calaveritas
Discovery Mine Calaveras mine 375823N 1203800W - Copperopolis
Dogtown Calaveras locale 380733N 1203414W 1237 Calaveritas
Dolling Mine Calaveras mine 380354N 1203254W - Angels Camp
Donovan Ridge Calaveras ridge 380801N 1203528W - Calaveritas
Dorrington Calaveras pop place 381805N 1201634W 4800 Dorrington
Dorrington Forest Service Station Calaveras locale 381910N 1201537W - Dorrington
Double Springs (historic landmark #264) (February 18, 1850) (historical) Calaveras pop place n/a n/a - n/a
Double Springs Ranch Calaveras locale 381247N 1204623W - Valley Springs
Doud Hill Calaveras summit 381245N 1202010W 4155 Stanislaus
Douds Landing Calaveras pop place 381246N 1201928W 3500 Stanislaus
Douglas Flat (historic landmark #272) (1850) Calaveras pop place 380652N 1202714W 1965 Columbia
Douglas Flat School (historical) Calaveras school 380702N 1202711W - Columbia
Douglas Flat Post Office (historical) (est. 1879) Calaveras post office n/a n/a - Columbia

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Douglasflat Post Office (historical) (est. 1879) Calaveras post office n/a n/a - Columbia
Douglass Flat (historic landmark #272) (1850) Calaveras pop place 380652N 1202714W 1965 Columbia
Dry Creek Calaveras stream 380528N 1202812W - Columbia
Dry Creek Calaveras stream 380554N 1204654W - Jenny Lind
Dry Hollow Calaveras basin 381410N 1203738W - San Andreas
Duck Bar Calaveras bar 380501N 1202447W - Columbia
Dunlap Gulch Calaveras valley 381251N 1202533W - Murphys
Dutch Creek Calaveras stream 382111N 1202505W - Fort Mountain
Dutch Ed Gulch Calaveras valley 380801N 1203748W - San Andreas
Dutchess Mine Calaveras mine 380304N 1202703W - Columbia
Ebbetts Pass Highlands Calaveras pop place 381231N 1202207W 3480 Stanislaus
Economic Mine Calaveras mine 380940N 1203210W - Calaveritas
El Cerro De Melones Calaveras summit 380118N 1203008W 1983 Angels Camp
El Dorado Calaveras pop place 381342N 1203223W 2117 Calaveritas
El Dorado (Historical)
Became Mountain Ranch (historic landmark #282) (1872)
Calaveras pop place 384058N 1205048W 1602 Calaveritas
El Dorado Town Calaveras pop place 381342N 1203223W 2117 Calaveritas
Eldorado Creek Calaveras stream 381321N 1203415W - Calaveritas
Elkhorn Station Calaveras locale 380308N 1203728W - Angels Camp
Emery 491 Dam Calaveras dam 381454N 1203006W - Calaveritas
Emery Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 381452N 1203009W 2594 Calaveritas
Emma Mine Calaveras mine 381206N 1205112W - Valley Springs
Empire Creek Calaveras stream 375830N 1203621W - New Melones Dam
Empire Mine Calaveras mine 375848N 1203829W - Copperopolis
Empire Mine Calaveras mine 375940N 1204137W - Copperopolis
Esmeralda (Historical) Calaveras pop place n/a n/a - Calaveritas
Esmeralda Mine Calaveras mine 380930N 203142W - Calaveritas
Esmeralda School (historical) Calaveras school 380922N 1203203W - Calaveritas
Esperanza Creek Calaveras stream 381905N 1203542W - Rail Road Flat
Esperanza Valley Calaveras valley 381749N 1202908W - Fort Mountain
Etna King Mine Calaveras mine 380404N 1203242W - Angels Camp
Etna Mine Calaveras mine 382217N 1203458W - Rail Road Flat
Evening Star Mine Calaveras mine 380410N 1203408W - Angels Camp
Evergreen School (historical) Calaveras school 380853N 1205447W - Wallace
Father and Son Mine Calaveras mine 381916N 1202730W - Fort Mountain
Felix Calaveras pop place 380142N 1204253W 1120 Salt Spring Valley
Ferrario 506 Dam Calaveras dam 381112N 1205454W - Wallace
Fiddleneck Day Use Area Calaveras park 381004N 1204750W - Valley Springs
Fillippini Ranch Calaveras locale 381325N 1204047W - San Andreas
Fine Gold Mine Calaveras mine 382038N 1202720W - Fort Mountain
Finnegan Mine Calaveras mine 380125N 1203010W - Angels Camp
Fisher Place Calaveras pop place 381407N 1202659W 2680 Murphys
Flagpole Point Calaveras summit 382734N 1200635W 7933 Tamarack
Fletcher Gulch Calaveras valley 381713N 1204651W - Jackson
Flowers Mountain Calaveras summit 375458N 1204026W 1565 Copperopolis
Fly in Acres 503 Dam Calaveras dam 381443N 1202006W - Stanislaus
Fly in Acres Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 381443N 1202006W 3880 Stanislaus
Fly-In Acres Calaveras pop place 381355N 1202010W 3860 Stanislaus
Foley Mine Calaveras mine 381443N 1203408W - Calaveritas
Folsom Guard Station (historical) Calaveras locale 382606N 1202053W - Garnet Hill
Folsom Lookout Calaveras locale 382612N 1202113W 4950 Garnet Hill
Foremans (historic landmark #258) (1850) Calaveras pop place 380753N 1203801W 937 San Andreas
Forest Creek Calaveras stream 382305N 1202805W - Devils Nose
Forest Meadow Calaveras flat 381012N 1202304W 3693 Murphys
Forest Meadows Calaveras pop place 381005N 1202416W 3360 Murphys
Forest Meadows 1495 Dam Calaveras dam 380936N 1202442W - Murphys
Forks-of-the-Road Calaveras pop place 380502N 1203339W 1540 Angels Camp
Fort Hill Calaveras summit 382035N 1202821W 3322 Fort Mountain
Fort Jones Calaveras pop place 381527N 1202507W 3040 Fort Mountain
Fort Mountain Calaveras summit 382035N 1202821W 3322 Fort Mountain
Fort Mountain Ranch Number 2 Airport Calaveras airport 381939N 1202837W 2870 Fort Mountain
Foster Mine Calaveras mine 380431N 1203237W - Angels Camp
Fosteria (historic Landmark #295) (1849) Calaveras pop place 381534N 1204544W 1360 Jackson
Fourth Crossing
once called Foremans (historic landmark #258) (1850)
Calaveras pop place 380753N 1203801W 937 San Andreas
Fowler Lookout Calaveras locale 380110N 1203458W - Angels Camp
French Bar Calaveras bar 381716N 1204752W - Jackson
French Creek Calaveras stream 375644N 1203220W - New Melones Dam
French Gulch Calaveras valley 380108N 1202922W - Columbia
French Gulch Calaveras valley 380735N 1203419W - Calaveritas
French Hill Calaveras summit 381826N 1204136W 1880 Mokelumne Hill
French Meadow Calaveras flat 381737N 1201630W - Dorrington
Friendship Mine Calaveras mine 381102N 1203122W - Calaveritas
Frogtown Calaveras locale 380247N 1203103W 1530 Angels Camp
Fuchs Calaveras pop place 382051N 1202718W 2600 Fort Mountain
Funk Hill Calaveras summit 375849N 1203357W 1740 New Melones Dam
Gales Ridge Calaveras ridge 381631N 1204652W - Jackson
Gann Ranch Calaveras locale 380639N 1204613W - Jenny Lind
Ganns Calaveras pop place 382416N 1200929W 6760 Calaveras Dome
Ganns Meadow Calaveras pop place 382416N 1200929W 6760 Calaveras Dome
Ganns Meadows Calaveras pop place 382416N 1200929W 6760 Calaveras Dome
Garibaldi Mine Calaveras mine 380531N 1203544W - Angels Camp
Garnet Hill Calaveras summit 382848N 1201507W 4512 Garnet Hill
Gaston Hill Mine Calaveras mine 381252N 1203156W - Calaveritas
Geers Gulch Calaveras valley 381438N 1204344W - San Andreas
German Ridge Calaveras ridge 380643N 1203219W - Angels Camp
German Ridge Mine Calaveras mine 380635N 1203221W - Angels Camp
Ghost Mine Calaveras mine 380401N 1203202W - Angels Camp
Glencoe once called Mosquito Gulch (historic landmark #280) (1850) Calaveras pop place 382115N 1203502W 2721 Rail Road Flat
Gold Cliff Mine Calaveras mine 380358N 1203241W - Angels Camp
Gold Hill Mine Calaveras mine 380227N 1203122W - Angels Camp
Gold Hill Mine Calaveras mine 380420N 1203426W - Angels Camp
Gold Hill Mine Calaveras mine 381336N 1204242W - San Andreas
Gold King Mine Calaveras mine 382034N 1202344W - Fort Mountain
Gold Knoll Mine Calaveras mine 375913N 1204037W - Copperopolis
Golden Gate Hill Calaveras summit 381450N 1204436W 2064 San Andreas
Golden River Mine Calaveras mine 380547N 1202850W - Columbia
Golden Star Mine Calaveras mine 380312N 1203126W - Angels Camp
Golden Torch Trailer Park Calaveras pop place 371849N 1201710W 4960 Dorrington
Goodmans Corner Calaveras pop place 381218N 1205910W 176 Wallace
Goodwin 62 Dam Calaveras dam 375148N 1203742W - Knights Ferry
Goodwin Dam Calaveras dam 375146N 1203745W - Knights Ferry

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Gooseberry Spring Calaveras spring 380136N 1203915W - Salt Spring Valley
Gopher Hill Mine Calaveras mine 375715N 1204440W - Copperopolis
Gopher Ridge Calaveras ridge 375610N 1204143W - Copperopolis
Gopher Ridge Calaveras ridge 380359N 1204759W - Jenny Lind
Gourley Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 381412N 1204408W - San Andreas
Grand Hotel (historic landmark #663) (1852) Calaveras building 381146N 1204249W - San Andreas
Grapevine Gulch Calaveras valley 380536N 1202432W - Columbia
Great Western Mine Calaveras mine 380445N 1203255W - Angels Camp
Green Creek Calaveras stream 382803N 1202045W - Garnet Hill
Greenhorn Creek Calaveras stream 342507N 1184752W - Piru
Greenhorn Gulch Calaveras valley 380240N 1203336W - Angels Camp
Greenstone Mine Calaveras mine 380348N 1203201W - Angels Camp
Grizzly Ridge Calaveras pop place 381523N 1202016W 4280 Dorrington
Guffra Ranch Calaveras locale 381709N 1203750W - Mokelumne Hill
Gum Boot Mine Calaveras mine 381005N 1203015W - Calaveritas
Gumboot Mine Calaveras mine 381005N 1203015W - Calaveritas
Gwin Mine Calaveras mine 381633N 1204525W - Jackson
Gwin Mine Post Office (historical) (Est. 1870) Calaveras post office n/a n/a - Jackson SW
Hackerdam Mine Calaveras mine 382225N 1202339W - Fort Mountain
Hageman Mine Calaveras mine 381318N 1204138W - San Andreas
Hale Mine Calaveras mine 380418N 1203307W - Angels Camp
Halleck Hill Calaveras summit 380356N 1202918W 2235 Columbia
Hams Calaveras pop place 382227N 1202740W 2960 Fort Mountain
Hanford Hill Calaveras pop place 381028N 1202409W 3280 Murphys
Hanford Hill Acres Calaveras pop place 381028N 1202409W 3280 Murphys
Happy Valley Calaveras flat 381759N 1204105W 1489 Mokelumne Hill
Happy Valley Calaveras pop place 381800N 1204058W 1489 Mokelumne Hill
Hardy Mine Calaveras mine 380209N 1203059W - Angels Camp
Harmon Peak Calaveras summit 380317N 1203940W 2603 Salt Spring Valley
Hathaway Pines Calaveras pop place 381131N 1202152W 3320 Stanislaus
Hathaways Mountain Pines Calaveras pop place 381141N 1202202W 3440- Stanislaus
Haupt Creek Calaveras stream 381136N 1204503W - Valley Springs
Hay Gulch Calaveras valley 382616N 1200948W - Calaveras Dome
Hayward Creek Calaveras stream 382039N 1201821W - Dorrington
Hazel Dell Gulch Calaveras valley 381750N 1203323W - Rail Road Flat
Heckendorm Mine Calaveras mine 382214N 1202146W - Dorrington
Hein 1491 Dam Calaveras dam 380930N 1205548W - Wallace
Heiser Canyon Calaveras valley 380420N 1204243W - Salt Spring Valley
Heiser Creek Calaveras stream 380554N 1204654W - Jenny Lind
Helisma (Historical) Calaveras pop place n/a n/a - n/a
Hells Kitchen Calaveras flat 382438N 1200443W - Tamarack
Hells Kitchen Vista Calaveras locale 382526N 1200453W - Tamarack
Hells Kitchen Vista Point Calaveras locale 382526N 1200453W - Tamarack
Hermit Spring Calaveras spring 382527N 1201417W - Calaveras Dome
Hicks Prospect Calaveras mine 380245N 1203215W - Angels Camp
Hicks Spring Calaveras spring 375916N 1203944W - Copperopolis
Hidden Cave Mine Calaveras mine 381242N 1203059W - Calaveritas
High Mountain Calaveras summit 381010N 1203033W 2450 Calaveritas
Hodson (historical) Calaveras pop place 375948N 1204104W 970 Copperopolis
Hog Hill Calaveras summit 375517N 1204343W 1300 Copperopolis
Hogan Dam Calaveras dam 380904N 1204835W - Valley Springs
Hogan Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 380903N 1204843W 680 Valley Springs
Hogate Mine Calaveras mine 380727N 1203354W - Angels Camp
Hogback Mountain Calaveras ridge 380940N 1204211W - San Andreas
Holland Mine Calaveras mine 381032N 1204041W - San Andreas
Holman 2006 Dam Calaveras dam 380300N 1203218W - Angels Camp
Holy Ghost Mine Calaveras mine 380354N 1203149W - Angels Camp
Homestead Ridge Calaveras ridge 375923N 1203931W - Copperopolis
Hoods Creek Calaveras stream 375953N 1204439W - Copperopolis
Horse Canyon Calaveras valley 383026N 1200035W - Mokelumne Peak
Horse Canyon Calaveras valley 383000N 1200147W - Calaveras
Horse Gulch Calaveras valley 382630N 1200921W - Calaveras Dome
Horse Valley Calaveras valley 383026N 1200035W - Mokelumne Peak
Horseshoe Bend Calaveras bend 380043N 1202745W - Calaveras
Humboldt Mine Calaveras mine 381255N 1203238W - Calaveritas
Humbug Gulch Calaveras valley 382213N 1203348W - Rail Road Flat
Hunter Creek Calaveras stream 382449N 1202537W - Devils Nose
Hunter Flat Calaveras flat 382610N 1202317W - Devils Nose
Hunter Reservoir Calaveras reservoir 381155N 1202132W 3200 Stanislaus
Hunters 99-002 Dam Calaveras dam 381155N 1202132W - Stanislaus
Imperial Mine Calaveras mine 380119N 1203104W - Angels Camp
Independence Calaveras pop place 382057N 1203045W 2622 Rail Road Flat
Independence Gulch Calaveras valley 382157N 1203154W - Rail Road Flat
Independence Hall Calaveras building 381546N 1202029W - Dorrington
Indian Burying Gulch Calaveras valley 381254N 1202521W - Murphys
Indian Creek Calaveras pop place 381054N 1202600W 2980 Murphys
Indian Creek Calaveras stream 380326N 1203210W - Angels Camp
Indian Creek Calaveras stream 380853N 1203424W - Calaveritas
Indian Creek Calaveras stream 381049N 1205053W - Valley Springs
Indian Gulch Calaveras valley 380030N 1203001W - Angels Camp
Indian Gulch Calaveras pop place 382357N 1203135W 2790 West Point
Indian Hills Calaveras pop place 381025N 1202235W 3150 Murphys
Inks Ranch Calaveras locale 380513N 1204036W - Salt Spring Valley
I.O.O.F. Hall, Mokelumne Hill (historic landmark #256) (1854) Calaveras building n/a n/a - n/a
Iron Canyon Calaveras valley 375646N 1203143W - New Melones Dam
Iron Mountain Calaveras summit 375248N 1204050W 990 Copperopolis
Iron Rock Mine Calaveras mine 380138N 1203026W - Angels Camp
Italian Point Calaveras summit 380826N 1203619W 1262 Calaveritas
Jack Nelson Creek Calaveras stream 381739N 1203323W - Rail Road Flat
Jack Rabbit Mine Calaveras mine 380631N 1203343W - Angels Camp
Janes Gulch Calaveras valley 381226N 1203634W - Calaveritas
Jeff Davis 82-004 Dam Calaveras dam 382036N 1203224W - Rail Road Flat
Jeff Davis Mine Calaveras mine 382036N 1203233W - Rail Road Flat
Jelmini Basin Calaveras basin 382818N 1200618W - Tamarack
Jelmini Creek Calaveras stream 382947N 1200715W - Tamarack
Jenny Lind Calaveras pop place 380542N 1205208W 243 Jenny Lind
Jenny Lind State Historic Landmark  (historic landmark #266) (1849) Calaveras park 380544N 1205211W - Jenny Lind
Jesus Maria (historic landmark #284) (1850) Calaveras pop place 381708N 1203847W 1040 Mokelumne Hill
Jesus Maria Creek Calaveras stream 381714N 1203935W - Mokelumne Hill
Joaquin Gulch Calaveras valley 381055N 1203126W - Calaveritas

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